Florida Homeowners:

Don't Pay Some
"No Experience Yahoo"
To Trap The Animals
In Your Attic.
When My Staff and I Will Do it


Dear Friend,

For the last 6.5 years I've sat with folks, in their home, who sit awake at night staring at the ceiling, listening to the sounds of animals destroying their attic...

And worrying a rabid one might tear though the ceiling and land in bed with them.

That doesn't usually happen. What does happen, more often than we'd like, is these vicious animals attack and kill a beloved family pet...

or attack and seriously injure a child or grandchild...

or one of these vicious critters attacks the homeowner.

These attacks can lead to permanent injury or, in some cases, death! Having animals nest in your home can bring tragic results.

In addition to worries of being attacked, or having pets or children attacked, you also have to keep in mind these animals are filthy wild animals. Some of the rotten scavenged food these animals eat would make you gag!!

Wild animals that nest in your attic are full of diseases and parasites and when they start leaving urine and scat in your attic, you run the risk of being infected with those diseases or parasites.

Yes these filthy little animals can and will make you sick if you allow them to stay in your home!

Right now you're likely saying to yourself, “Is it really that bad? I mean seriously, can these little critters really cause all that damage. It sounds to me like you just don't like animals.”

In truth, I love animals. I think they're cute (even the ugly ones) and I know each one of them serves a critical link in our ecology here in Florida.

However, I also know wild animals, that don't get veterinary care, can hurt us. They are wild. That means they will attack you if they feel threatened.

So when a child at your home sees a animal and thinks “Oh it's Meeko!” (the raccoon character from Disney's Pocahontas) and approaches the animal, he or she runs the VERY real risk of getting bit, scratched and seriously injured.

And don't forget about rabies. There are cases of animal rabies in different parts of Florida almost every year! I know you don't want it to be in an animal living in your home.

These little animals are wonderful in the wild,
but they're a nuisance and a hazard
in your home.

If you didn't already understand how important it is to make sure these animals stay out of your home, I hope you do now!!

I understand you want to get rid of this animal and protect your home and family.

But paying someone to come out and trap the critter is easier said then done right now. With the economy sinking, a recession in full force. Even folks with good jobs are looking to tighten their belt.

Now you have to pay $250 - $500 to have some “redneck yahoo” come out and catch an animal.

With no guarantee he'll get it?

So now you have a spouse in your ear about getting rid of the animal no matter what the price (or on the other hand, a spouse complaining about the price).... The economy is in the tank, your retirement, stock portfolio, equity in your home, all on questionable ground, and who knows if you'll have a job in 6 months.

All these stresses on top of your daily life.

And now you have some darn animal in your attic.

Like I said earlier, I understand.

And we'll handle it for you.....


No Obligations, no strings attached!! However there are a few qualifications.

1.) You must own the home the animals are in.
     (Renters should have landlords call)

2.) The animal in your attic must be a Raccoon, Opossum or Bat.
     (Bats can be under tile on a tile roof)

3.) You must be a new customer.
     (We do check your name and address against our records)

If you meet these 3 simple qualifications

We'll catch the animal for you.....

FREE !!!

Of course everyone wants to know the catch.

They ask:

"Is this a government program?


"How are you staying in business if you do this FREE?"

We offer this FREE service for 2 reasons:

1.) It's because our experience suggests that 92.7% of houses with animals in them will get the same or similar animal again within the next 18 months.

2.) We're also in the cleanup business.. Which means we work with homeowners insurance companies to cleanup after these animals were in your home. To that end, we'll send you some information to look over. There's never any pressure to hire us to work with your insurance company to clean up after the animals because truthfully 8 or 9 out of 10 people we do FREE Trapping for go ahead and hire us without any pressure.

As for the other 1 or 2 people out of 10, well, we just chalk that up to the price of doing business. And besides we figure the chances of them calling us the next time they have an animal in the attic is pretty good anyway.

So there you have it, No Secrets, No Fine Print, No Obligations......

Just that pesky animal gone...


All we ask is you look over the information we send, thoroughly and carefully!

Does that sound fair?

If so, just fill out the form below or call us at 866-715-9115 to schedule an appointment.

Privacy Policy

If it doesn't sound like a good deal... I wish you good luck in finding someone to help you with your problems.


Everte Farnell
General Manager
AAA Free Trapping

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